AV Hope on the Go RADIO

Sunday, 9am on KFXM 96.7 - KFXM.com
Sunday, 9am on KFXM 96.7 - KFXM.com

Amplifying the name of Jesus all over the Antelope Valley.

Listen to past radio interviews with residents of the Antelope Valley who share how God has stirred them to make a difference in our Valley. You'll hear from men, women and children - the churched and the unchurched, the homeless and not homeless, the "saved" and the "not yet" saved and believers who are not ashamed to confess their current struggles, while God continues His good work in and through them.

And by the Spirit you will hear how God is faithfully drawing His children to Himself, revealing His Truth that He is our One True Hope. 

May you be moved by God to jump into His healing waters and participate in what He's doing all over the AV and beyond. No matter where you live - you don't want to miss what God is doing because you are His disciple of Hope exactly where He's placed you.

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12.27.2015 - The Messiah Has Come, Now What? - St. Stephen's Of The Valley Lutheran Church

12.20.2015 - Story Time With Pastor Sandy... God Is In The Small Stuff At Christmas

12.13.2015 - Greetings, Favored One!

11.29.2015 - Praising God In The AV Food Courts

11.8.2015 - Welcome November - Joan Cordova

10.4.2015 - From Mess To Messianic: Pastor Seth's Story

9.20.2015 - Pastor Sandy: Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

9.13.2015 - A Christian Woman Who's Not Afraid To Say, "I'm A Recovering Addict"

9.06.2015 - Adoption: Another Way God Grows Families

8.02.2015 - Teens & Jesus: Radio Intern, 14, Interviews Teen, 13

7.05.2015 - Genesis Dream Foundation - Loving The Orphans Of Mexico

6.28.2015 - God Is Engaging With The City Of Palmdale

6.21.2015 - God's Call For Foster And Adoptive Parents - Interview With DCFS

6.14.2015 - The Outsiders - Turning The AV Rightside Up

5.31.2015 - Pastor David - Desert Vineyard Palmdale

5.17.2015 - Billy Burden Debuts 'Jesus In Me' ~ A Song Of Hope

5.10.2015 - A Message Of Healing On Mother's Day

5.3.2015 - Memoirs Of A Prisoner's Wife

4.19.2015 - Feed My Flock Loves God And His Children

4.12.2015 - A Date With The King

4.5.2015 - AV Teens & Kids Tell The Resurrection Story

3.29.2015 - Smart Ministries: Another Answered Prayer For The Homeless In The AV

3.22.2015 - An AV Temperature Read From The Palmdale ER

3.8.2015 - A Hospice Chaplain Speaks Life Over The AV

3.1.2015 - Cherished High Desert - A Message of Hope For Women In The Sex Trafficking Industry

2.22.2015 - Brenda, a Lancaster Woman, Shares The Gospel

2.15.2015 - The Young Ladies of Christ

2.8.2015 - Rest As Worship

2.1.2015 - WinCo Jesus Heals Outreach

1.25.2015 - God Takes The Stage

1.18.2015 - God's Love Empowers A Young Man Raised In Foster Care

1.11.2015 - Praising Jesus Even During Homelessness

1.4.2015 - Happy New Moment!

12.28.2014 - Jesus Heals Supernaturally and Restores a Marriage

12.21.2014 - Jesus in a Tent

12.14.2014 - What is AVHG Radio?