HOPE Stops

Seth and I have been called to start "Hope Stops". Back in July God first downloaded this idea in our hearts. It's taken this long to truly embrace (and obey) what He's been inviting us to do.

A Hope Stop is when we pull into Target, Walmart, Swap Meet parking lots (etc) and turn on some praise and worship music - and ask whoever is around if they would like prayer.

Yesterday on the way home from the park we were led to Home Depot's parking lot, where the day laborers hang out and hope for work.

About a dozen men were there. One of them said he was Israeli. As he and Seth chit chatted, he said, "I was born in Bethlehem." I nearly fell over. I received this as God's confirmation - Hope Stops have started!

If you would like to participate in this ministry, please contact us. The more people we have to pray with others, who need the hope that only Jesus brings, the better.

"Please pray for us to have the humility and courage to obey. This is always what we desire prayer for."

Thank you friends.


Update on Hope Stops - They happen inbetween the other scheduled ministries. It's always awesome to see God in action when we "go".