Miracle of the RV

Miracle of the RV

When God performs a miracle, He always does so for His glory. He loves to show that nothing is impossible for Him. You see, God loves when we marvel at Him. Not because He's on an ego trip, but because He knows that our gratitude and awe keep us up close and personal with Him ~ and that's where God wants His children - close to Him.

Through prayer and confirmation, God made it clear that He loves the people of the Antelope Valley and wanted a mobile ministry started specificially in this area.

One night in January, after having gone to Courson Park for a couple of weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays in their car with sweet bread, coffee and water for anyone who came by, Seth and Sandy prayed, asking God to show them an "obvious sign" that they were understanding correctly: that a mobile ministry was what God had in mind. Later that same night, about midnight, Sandy's brother called. The time of the call was highly unsual. But he felt compelled to share that they might want to consider purchasing a small RV or truck. This was not anything Sandy or Seth had ever considered. Her brother told her to pray about it. She did.

The next morning, Seth and Sandy drove around pricing RV's, "even though we didn't have $5 between us," says Seth. "We saw used RV's for $6,000, $15,000, one for $18,000. I guess we were moving in faith and didn't even realize it at the time," he adds.

While driving around town pricing RV's,Sandy texted friends and family to casually ask if they knew anyone who was selling or donating an RV. "I vividly remember looking at my phone after I sent the mass text and wondering why I would ask if someone was donating an RV," Sandy recalls. "I mean, who donates an RV?"

Within six hours of sending out that text message, Seth and Sandy received a phone call from a man they had never spoken to before. He was a relative of a friend who wanted to know a little more about what they were planning to do with an RV. Seth explained the best he could, the vision God had given them - to go into the AV and demonstrate the love of Christ through relational evangelism. This would include having picnics in the park and hanging out with anyone God sent their way.

After about ten minutes on the phone the man said that he and his wife were selling an RV. But earlier in the day they felt God leading them to donate it to someone. "We had no idea to whom and then my brother called and told us about you two," said the donor.

The next words out of his mouth were God-ordained, "My wife and I would like to donate the RV for your mobile ministry." When this dear couple handed Seth the keys a few weeks later, we'll never forget their words, "Use it for God's glory."

And thus - Seth and Sandy share the story of the Miracle of the RV: Within 24 hours of asking for an obvious sign that they were hearing God correctly about continuing their mobile ministry in the AV, a 35 foot RV, fully stocked with everything from plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans, foil, cleaning supplies, sheets, blankets, trash bags, paperware and on and on .... was given to them.

Until God says differently, they will do with the RV as they were instructed, "Use it for God's glory".