The First Seven Years

The First Seven Years

AV Hope on the Go is a mobile ministry which began in January 2011 by Seth and Sandy Weinberg. Sandy had completed her studies at the King’s Seminary on the campus of The Church on the Way and Seth was laid off as a character artist in the toy manufacturing industry. Together, they followed the Holy Spirit’s leading and went out to a local park with a thermos of coffee and pastries. “Listen to My people who have a longing to be heard”. This was the instruction they received from the Lord.

They listened to anyone who wanted to share their story. Many did. And Seth and Sandy’s hearts were cracked open and flooded with compassion as they listened to drug addicts, homeless folks, divorcees, aged out foster youth and lonely men and women share their stories and tears. They discovered that God’s word was true = people had a longing to be heard.


When the Spirit of the Lord instructed Seth or Sandy to speak – they did. They shared words of hope, encouragement, teaching and whatever else God prompted for the person sitting before them. It was not long at all before they bore witness to people regaining their hope as they were reminded that God does not forget about them; He is with us.


Two weeks after deciding to venture out into the community as disciples of hope, the Weinberg’s received a donated 35 ft RV from a man they did not know. His only instruction: “Use it for the glory of God”. The couple received this as God’s confirmation to carry on and invite others to jump into the flow of the Holy Spirit’s work.




AV Hope on the Go quickly became and remains a fully faith-funded ministry, officially registered as a non-profit religious organization. Donations of items like Cup of Noodles, water and items for the homeless, as well as financial support from people in and out of the AV, keep volunteers “on the go” on the streets of the AV. Everything is given to anyone in need, always freely, in Jesus’ name. Seth shares, "We can't out-give God. We'll give the last Cup of Noodles we have and immediately we'll receive a donated case or two,". Those who give are as much disciples of hope as those who serve physically, weekly.


The items given away are what get volunteers face to face with people. “Connections are made as we listen to people share whatever is on their hearts. No one walks away without being offered prayer and 9 out of 10 people are desperate for prayer because what we give is temporary but God’s gifts are eternal,” Sandy explains.


Homeless adults shower, eat, rest and fellowship in the RV. They’re given Cup of Noodles, toiletries, water, clothing and anything else in stock from previous donations. “We share the Gospel and demonstrate the Gospel, respectfully as the Holy Spirit leads,” says Sandy. Compassion flows ...  lives are touched, hope is restored and Jesus gets His praise. God is the Father of Compassion.




Dozens of AV residents have served at one point or another with AV Hope on the Go over the last six years. (A handful have gone forward and started respective ministries. #YayGod). Folks have come from Orange County, Ventura County and even Minnesota to hop in the "Jesus Mobile" and hit the streets of the AV. Most volunteers attend different churches in the AV and serve there, too. Some do not attend traditional churches and participate in AVHG Bible studies.


Volunteers engage with and serve the homeless, hand out water and lap blankets in hospital ERs and clinics, encourage social workers in the foster care industry & staff at local hospice companies. They find themselves at train stations, post offices, grocery stores and bus stops. Heads turn when a 35 ft RV rolls up - and across the sides of the RV are the 10 Commandments and the message, "Jesus Loves You." Prayer is always offered wherever volunteers go ... but it is never imposed.


Volunteers go where they are directed by the One who is already at work and continues His work, long after volunteers drive off. "We co-labor" with the Holy Spirit," Sandy explains. Volunteers do not preach sermons, they are sermons, respectfully following the Spirit's leading to know when to listen and when to speak. Volunteers also help with delivering groceries & meals to homebound folks, updating Facebook & Instagram accounts and fielding phone calls. “There is always something for someone to do,” says Sandy. “Children, the elderly and everyone in between have a place to serve with us,” she adds.




Pastor Sandy stepped down as Pastor in January 2018 and followed the Lord's prompting to serve the Antelope Valley as a full time Chaplain for Kaiser Permanente in Lancaster. She passed the mantle to Pastor Jeanne Quintana who served as a volunteer with AV Hope on the Go for 3 years prior. 


Pastor Sandy serves as an Advisor to AVHG and continues to pray and watch with great expectation knowing there is #MoreHolySpiritMore.


Seth has stepped back into his career as a Character Artist and works heartily for the Lord.