Light Of The Desert Church

Light Of The Desert Church

Light of the Desert is no longer meeting, for the time being. The Lord has released us to end this ministry, in order to make room for an added ministry with AV Hope on the Go. We have been called to be a "mobile" ministry as well as a conduit between folks we meet and churches in the AV. Please contact us for a list of recommended churches.

Below is the description of Light of the Desert, which is still the heart of AV Hope on the Go: 


Pastors Seth and Sandy Weinberg oversee a small untraditional, non denominational congregation in E Palmdale. Our church motto is "Keeping It Real" because no one lived life more real and genuine than Jesus and we desire to emulate Him.

As disciples of Jesus, we teach and learn together that we can "keep it real" about our brokenness, while staying open to God's healing in our lives. There's no shame in admitting that our struggles ~ and even poor choices ~ have been attempts to mask and numb deep rooted pain. When we keep it real Jesus meets us in that place ... and offers compassion, comfort and love; the very things we all long for all through our lives.

As we continue to learn to live as Jesus did and call on the Holy Spirit for help in our daily lives, we discover what it means when Jesus said He came to set the captives free and bind up the broken hearted.

We believe that God is Holy and Perfect, the Creator of All. Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man, born of a virgin, who died for the sins of each human being ever born. He was raised from the dead and lives for eternity. All who confess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord and repent of their sin are promised eternity with God. The Holy Spirit is our Helper - He empowers us to share in an open & honest relationship with Jesus as He teaches us how to live in victory as children of God, as well as His servants, called to share the Good News with others.